The Kalys brand

Kalys is a natural brand of 100% Made in Provence cosmetic products created 10 years ago in the heart of olive groves. Rich in precious active ingredients selected with love, each treatment is unique and highly concentrated for maximum effectiveness.

Made in Provence, No phenoxyethanol, parabens, silicone, paraffin, sulphates. Majority of organic ingredients. Not tested on animals.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

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The History of Kalys

My life has always been rich in adventures, trips, meetings. Young graduate in Hospitality, my only goal was to go far, and my daring helping, I landed my first job in the United States. This experience was one of the most enriching and memorable of my life. After several years traveling the oceans, at the age of 28, I became responsible for the commercial development of a young cosmetics company. After 7 years spent discovering the multiple facets of this fascinating universe, I in turn decided to create my own brand.

A simple idea: to offer cosmetics based on the best natural products in the region . Animated and guided by a certain philosophy of life, I wanted to offer, for the face and the body, a complete range of natural treatments, without parabens or phenoxyethanol, not tested on animals.

The creation of Kalys took me a whole year and was strewn with pitfalls. But, in 2010 , in the heart of Provence, KALYS was born.

I work in close collaboration with a laboratory that uses organic ingredients , and we are looking for effective formulas, capable of satisfying a demanding clientele who are spoiled for choice.

The precious support of those around me allows me to move forward, progress, and fully develop myself in this exciting adventure!